Chilli Padi Value For Money Buffet

Chilli Padi Value For Money Buffet

If you're looking for a buffet with a pleasant ambience to chill out with friends and have good nyonya food,  then this is the place for you.

Easy parking, with many comfortable and large tables spread  out apart (so that others cant overhear your gossip), good food, friendly staff - overall a good deal.
There is more than enough variety to chose from and the staff regularly top up the buffet servings so there is plenty to go around

The buffet restaurant is located on the ground floor of an academic building set on the edge of NUS. The aircondition can be quite cold, so its advisable to bring a sweater.

The great thing about this restaurant ( apart from the food ) is that it has  many comfortable and large tables suitable for family or friends in large groups.

The service  staff are friendly and regularly top up buffet servings so there is plenty to go around. They are also attentive to customers request clear the tables regularly which makes it very pleasant to dine .

Low prices and good food = good value.

Chilli Padi Nonya Café
29 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
#06-21 (Ground Level)
Singapore 119620  Map

Tel: 6872 2982 Fax: 6872 3982
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Shiu Yakiniku BBQ Buffet Restaurant

Shiu Yakiniku BBQ Buffet Restaurant

Shiu Yakiniku specializes in Japanese Yakiniku (BBQ). The restaurant uses the  latest Japanese smoke-free BBQ stove equipped with excellent smoke extraction system. 

Our editor highly recommends this buffet restaurant for their smoke- free concept, great service, quality choice of meats and delicious dips & sauces rarely  found else where .
 Click here to view their Yakiniku BBQ Buffet Menu & pricing 

Click here to view their Premium Wagyu Beef BBQ Buffet 

Click here to view their Lunch BBQ Buffet 

Click here to get info on their address & location or call 6265 1004

1 Market Buffet Restaurant - By Chef Wan

1 Market Buffet Restaurant - By Chef Wan

1 Market at Plaza Singapura is a 450-seater halal buffet restaurant helmed by famous Malaysian celebrity Chef Wan, offering a spread of the chef's proven recipes and creations inspired by his travels around Southeast Asia.

1 Market is a great place to try all the region’s foods and signature dishes at one go. Think of it as a more affordable version of Straits Kitchen  at Grand Hyatt . 1 Market is also perfect for tourists, or those who have visitors from abroad; you don’t have to trawl the island for different delicacies, just go hard under one roof for a few hours and you’re done. 

Photo Credit : My Words
Points for the DIY rojak stations and ice kacang stations which were definitely a highlight. While we feel the food could be better, we're sure time will see Chef Wan perfecting his 1 Market.

 (Lunch Mon-Fri $28 per adult, $15 per child aged 6-12; 
Sat, Sun, eve of public holidays and public holidays $34.80 per adult, $20.80 per child | 

Dinner Mon-Fri $40.80 per adult, $19.60 per child; Sat, Sun, eve of public holidays and public holidays $46.50 per adult, $23.16 per child

Visit their facebook here

Mother of all buffets at  TODAI

Mother of all buffets at TODAI

An upscale “all you care to eat” international seafood and sushi buffet restaurant, TODAI offers an assortment of quality food and services. Todai restaurants are family oriented and offer a wide selection of food to appeal to a range of tastes that are considered Asian Fusion Entrees.

In addition to a wide assortment of cold dishes including sushi, Todai also features signature dishes that are served year round, from snow crab legs to green mussels to cocktail shrimps. Hot entrees selections include international dishes that are commonly served in Korea, Japan, China, Singapore and much more.

The dessert bar also offers a flavor of international fusion pastries, from Italian tiramisu to Japanese light cheese cake, French crème puffs & Crème brulee and  more. Newly added menu items include “made to order”  noodle corner.

Todai also serves local and imported beers, wine, champagne, soju and sake. Most of dishes are prepared in house. Elmer Dills, famous Los Angeles food critics, once described Todai as “THE MOTHER OF ALL SEAFOOD BUFFETS” Todai’s motto is reflected in all restaurants:

One Brand, One Team, One Mission: To Serve You

Todai Restaurant 
2 Bayfront Avenue, #B2-01
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972

For reservations, call : 6688 7771

Monday  -  Friday
Lunch: 11:30am  -  3pm

Dinner: 5:30pm  -  10pm

Saturday  -  Sunday
All Day Dining: 11:30 am - 11pm 



Meat Buffet at Brazil Churrasco

Meat Buffet at Brazil Churrasco

This is an unusual but interesting buffet concept. Most diners help themselves to a display of buffet items. However, at Brazil Churrasco, diners are served good quality meat in unlimited quantities at their table . This is exactly what  Brazil Churrasco has been doing in Singapore since 1994, serving churrascaria or meat buffet.

All meats are cooked on long skewers placed on racks over the fire with fattier items placed on top so that the juices will drip down and flavor the other cuts. When the meats are cooked waiters carry the skewers around from table to table carving off pieces onto your plate. Without moving from your table you can experience virtually unlimited dishes until you're satisfied and it's time to lumber home. This is truly a great dining experience and very suitable for small office or personal parties. Apart from the various cuts of meat, diners also have a healthy dose of salads, beers and desserts to choose from. 

Make a reservation today at :  
Brazil Churrasco Sixth Avenue
16 Sixth Avenue, Singapore 276476
Tel no : (65) 6463 1923 


Sumptous Spread At Aquamarine

Sumptous Spread At Aquamarine

AquaMarine is a unique concept restaurant complemented by an alfresco dining, that beckons with an air of welcoming grace and relaxed charm. Featuring a resplendent buffet spread of Asian and International cuisines, AquaMarine also boasts an enticing à la carte menu.
Thai Khao Soi. Photo Credit
The restaurant is Halal certified. For a splendid taste of Asia, as well as delectable International cuisine, look forward to a sumptuous spread featuring perennial favourites such as Singapore Chilli Crab, Grilled Beef Striploin infused with Garlic & Five Spices, Assam Fish Head Curry, and a mouth-watering array of desserts.

Operating Hours:
Breakfast: 6.30am - 10.30am
Lunch: 12.00pm - 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm - 10.30pm (Buffet till 10.00pm; À la carte till 10.30pm)

Dining Reservations: 6845 1111
Be A Fan of KISEKI For Buffet Privileges

Be A Fan of KISEKI For Buffet Privileges

Despite being at its new location for not very long.  (they moved to Orchard Central from Heeren), Kiseki is often packed- well at least when we were there .  Why do they have long queues? Probably the location and of course the food and service. 

The eat all you can Japanese buffet restaurant has a range of  Cold Seafood, Sushi, Sashimi, Teppanyaki, Robatayaki (Japanese grill), Yakitori (skewers), Nabemono (hot pot items), Agemono (deep-fried), Mushimono (steamed items), Japanese Western (pasta and pizza) and  more !

With so many items to choose from, you will definitely find something that you like. Join KISEKI  as a fan on their facebook to receive news and promotions on a regular basis or visit their website, both at the links below . Ita daki masu !

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant : Facebook


For reservations, call : 6736  1216

Carousel Wins People's Choice 2011/2012 Best Buffet Restaurant Award

Carousel Wins People's Choice 2011/2012 Best Buffet Restaurant Award

Carousel is AsiaOne People's Choice 2011/2012 Best Buffet Restaurant. Into its fourth year, the AsiaOne People’s Choice winners are decided by public votes. There were 10 nominees for the Best Buffet Restaurant category last year.

International Seafood Spread
Renowned for their Asian and Mediterranean buffets, this is Carousel's third win so far.

The restaurant which is located in Royal Plaza on Scotts, exudes a comfortable, cozy ambience for leisurely high teas and sumptuous lunch and dinner buffets.

Diners can expect lavish spreads of fresh seafood and buffet staples like sushi, sashimi, cold cuts, salads and hot food.

If you are a meat lover, head straight for the impressive rotisserie station that serves up roasts like Traditional Roast Chicken Charmoula, Orange Honey Glazed Duck, Chicken Shawarma with Walnut Sauce, Beef Sirloin, Leg of Lamb and a delicious assortment of grilled vegetables.

The Asian Specialities station serves comfort food like Rendang, Chinese Braised Muttuon, and Sapi Gulai Pedas (Beef Shank in Tumeric Lime Leaf Curry.

There is also plenty to choose from at the other specialty stalls like chicken rice, congee, noodles, dim sum, Indian vegetarian and a good selection of cheeses, breads and soup.

While these may fill you up all too easily, do leave room to wrap up your meal with a gorgeous dessert spread spanning three stations. Bask in the sweet bliss of classic Crème Brulee, Mango Rice Puddings, Royaltine Chocolate Mousse and familiar Asian desserts.

This being the People's Choice best buffet restaurant, the crowd definitely swells during weekends and enjoying a leisurely meal may prove a tad challenging. But if you round up enough friends, you could secure one of the coveted Carousel State Rooms which can seat 14 guests comfortably. Reservations are on a first-come-first-serve basis and a minimum reservation of 12 guaranteed paying adults is required.

On-going credit card promotions are available throughout the year with discounts varying between 10 and 15 per cent. For reservations, call 6589 7799.

Opening Hours & Prices
Lunch: 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Weekday: $46++ (Adult) / $28++ (Child)
Weekend: $50++ (Adult) / $32++ (Child) 

High Tea: 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Weekday: $33++ (Adult) / $20++ (Child)
Weekend: $38++ (Adult) / $24++ (Child)

Dinner: 6:30pm - 10:30pm
Weekday: $62++ (Adult) / $37++ (Child)
Weekend: $75++ (Adult) / $42++ (Child)

Royal Plaza on Scotts
25 Scotts Road
Singapore 228220

Tel: 6589 7799
Go India's Buffet Lunch Well-Worth A Go!

Go India's Buffet Lunch Well-Worth A Go!

There are two good reasons why Go India should be your next buffet stop - firstly, it's where you get value-for-money authentic Indian food. Secondly, it's where you'd enjoy waterfront dining at its best.

Located in VivoCity and overlooking the sea, alfresco is the way to go at Go India. The restaurant serves mainly traditional North Indian cuisine in both buffet and ala carte styles. Set indoors, the buffet is beautifully displayed in silver tureens to complement the subdued, minimalist tone of the restaurant.

The daily lunch buffet is prepared by native Indian chefs and comprises tandoori dishes, curries, stews and breads. There are several noteworthy dishes like Methi Fish and Chicken Sweet Chilli. The fish is fresh and well-coated in a smooth tasting buttery blend of cream, ginger, cumin and other spices. 
As for the Chicken Sweet Chilli,  tandoori chicken kebab is lathered in chilli and sweet sauce balanced with a tinge of tartness from lemon slices. 
Other meats, mainly chicken and lamb are served in stews and curries and go wonderfully with freshly made breads.

If you have a sweet tooth, a very sweet one at that, then the traditional dessert of Gulab Jamuh is not to be missed. These little sweet treats are essentially dough balls made mainly of milk solids that are deep-fried and soaked in warm honey syrup. A nice cup of coffee or tea would do well to wash down a satisfying North Indian waterfront dining experience.

Daily Lunch Buffet
12pm - 2.30pm
Adult: $22++
Child: (3 to 6 years old): $15++

Daily Dinner Buffet
6pm - 9pm
Adult: $28++
Child: (3 to 6 years old): $22++

Go India
1 Harbour Front Walk
VivoCity #01- 152/155
Singapore 098585

Tel: 6376 9644
Scrumptuous Online Buffet Promotions @ The Line

Scrumptuous Online Buffet Promotions @ The Line

Theatre comes alive at The Line - modern surroundings, stylish food presentation and lively chefs come together to make your dining experience as much a gastronomic feast as it is an immersive multi-sensory experience.

The 16 theatre kitchens presents an eclectic array of international cuisines from ubiquitous local delights to the ever-popular Japanese selection, Chinese dim sum, Indian fare, flavourful Italian cuisine and a decadent parade of desserts. It is no wonder The Line is touted as one of the best buffets around town, with diners willing to fork up top dollar and packing the restaurant in especially on weekends.

The food presentation itself is so inviting it's hard to resist a visit to every station and graze on everything that is on offer. But first, make a stop at the seafood section, by far the most popular station at the buffet. The best of the sea is served fresh, raw, cooked and succulent.

The live stations or theatre kitchens as they are called here is a definite draw, not just for the theatrics of seeing the chefs in action, but also for food prepared ala minute like roti prata, noodles and pasta. The dessert station is where it all climaxes in a sweet finale. From kuehs kuehs to ice cream, pastries, cakes, mousse and chocolate fondue, they are guaranteed to hit your sweet spot.

And now, the icing on the cake - besides the usual credit card promotions, diners enjoy exclusive online booking discounts from 15% to 35% off your total bill. Visit online booking here.

For reservations, call 6213 4275.

Opening Hours
Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm
(weekends and public holidays until 3pm)

Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm
(Friday, weekends and public holidays from 6pm)

Lunch Buffet:
Monday to Friday: $49 (adult), $25 (child)
Saturday: $55 (adult), $28 (child)
Sunday: $98 / $138 (adult), $49 (child)

Dinner Buffet:
Monday - The Spicy Line Up: $72 (adult), $36 (child)
Tuesday - Crabby Tuesdays: $88 (adult), $44 (child)
Wednesday - Get Grilled: $78 (adult), $34 (child)
Thursday - Marine Harvest: $88 (adult), $44 (child)
Friday and Saturday: $78 (adult), $39 (child)
Sunday: $72 (adult), $36 (child)

Shangri La
22 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258350

Tel: 6213 4275

Big appetite for buffet despite price hikes in SG

Singaporean's BIG appetite for Buffet , 1 for 1 Buffet promotions

Prices of buffet spreads in Singapore's walk-in buffet restaurants might be heading north - but foodies are still ready to splurge for variety. The Straits Times reported that 30 of the popular buffet restaurants it checked in sg had raised prices by $1 to $9. Buffet restaurants cited rising costs for food ingredients and labour as reasons for the hikes. Even so, 11 of these 13 establishments actually saw a rise in patronage, (thanks to a vibrant buffet culture in Singapore).

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Benefits of Buffet Dining

Its no surprise that when people feel the need to save, "Value for Money" in the restaurant industry becomes important . Many are also looking our for 1 for 1 buffet promotions.

Win-Win Situation. Customers feel they are getting value for money in restaurants offering Buffet Style dining, as they can help themselves to as many portions as necessary at no added cost and the restaurant owner can keep their costs down by running their buffet restaurants with minimum service staff.

Different Palates.
Individuals in families or in groups have different tastes and buffet style dining allows each individual to eat together despite their different tastes in food. This is possible as nowadays, more buffet restaurants in singapore are offering larger varieties of food in their menu. Whether it is spicy, savoury, salty or sweet, buffet spreads are wide enough to suit the fancy of each individual. Besides, there are quite a few buffet restaurants in singapore that offer International cuisine. Folks can have their share of western or if they prefer, asian.

Ala carte buffet. This is another type of buffet where friends, families, large groups or even a company of two can enjoy food suited to their own palates. Buffet dinners are more popular as customers can take their time whereas most of us have a limited time for buffet lunch in singapore. At the end of the day however, its not how much you can eat, but the company, and quality of the food served in a buffet restaurant. Eat well, Live well !

Buffet restaurants draw diners with extensive menus at reasonable prices

Singaporeans, it seems, cannot get their fill of buffets. Several buffet restaurants have opened over the past few years. These include Buffet Town at Raffles City, Fisherman's Market at The Central in Clarke Quay, Tarafuku Japanese Fish Market, Restaurant at 313@Somerset and The Chocolate Bar in Marina Bay Sands' SkyPark. They are giving hotel buffets a run for their money, with prices from $23.80++ for an adult lunch buffet. Most hotel buffet prices start from $50. Many are also searching for 1 for 1 buffet promotions, singapore .
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You won't find a more glorious buffet culture anywhere else than in Singapore

There are many times of buffet such as the 1 for 1 buffet promotion in singapore, but the more popular type is the free-form, all-you-can-eat buffet. Customers pay a fixed fee and help themselves to as much food as they wish from an open buffet or ala carte buffet.

In a YAKINIKU charcoal grill / steamboat buffet restaurant, diners order several types of raw ingredients which are brought to the table. The ingredients are cooked by the diners on a grill built into the table . Some of these restaurants utilize a high-end 'smokeless' technology. This eliminates the odour of the girlled items clinging on to your clothes and hair.

Another form of buffet occurs in a Dim sum house, where patrons make their selections from a wheeled trolley containing food that circulates through the restaurant.

A fourth type of buffet is a Churrascaria . These are restaurants that serve grilled meat, many offering as much as you can eat: the waiters move around the restaurant with skewers, slicing meat onto the client's plate. One popular restaurant is of course Brazil Churrascaria which pioneered this concept in Singapore.

These restaurants offer 1 for 1 buffet promotions, promotions by credit cards, including the popular Citibank Gourmet Pleasures, UOB Dining Privileges, Standard Chartered online rewards, etc.